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Fleet Services Waste Management

Demanding Customer Expectations Mean Crunch Time for Fleet Operators

The “brick-and-mortar” retail business model is being replaced by an online presence that comes with expectations of faster delivery times and precision schedules. So, what does this mean for fleet operators? It means that planning has never been more important, and downtime has never been costlier.  

Looking Ahead

As a fleet operator, you understand the importance of proactive, preventative maintenance. By doing things like changing the oil on your vehicles and checking for any potential mechanical issues, you keep your trucks on the road longer and more reliably. But, what aspects of your maintenance programs can cause a break-down in the work flow that you don’t always consider? How about a full waste oil collection tank? Or an overflowing bin of used oil filters that have to be disposed of in a certain manner? Issues like that typically boil down to poor planning or bad service. At Quest Resource Management Group we help you avoid both.

Minimizing Downtime

To keep up with current and future delivery demands, you need your trucks on the road. Granted, maintenance is unavoidable, and therefore should never be your weak spot in the workflow. By allowing Quest to take a look at your waste management procedures, we can design a program that fits your fleet, while ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. A program that is efficient and revolves around vetted and monitored subcontractors. If a maintenance regiment is what prevents downtime with your trucks, Quest is what prevents downtime with your maintenance regiment. 

Quest Delivers

As customer’s expectations continue to evolve, delivery fleets are going to have to change their operations to keep up. When you’re putting your fleet’s efficiency under a microscope, you have to evaluate every aspect of your routine – including waste management and disposal.  Something as simple as simplifying your maintenance recycling program or streamlining your waste disposal practices can save your operation, time, money, and increase customer satisfaction. We do all of this while providing you with top-notch customer support and the data to track your results.

 Contact Quest today and let us show you how we can reduce downtime, costs, and headaches – letting you keep up with increasingly demanding customer expectations.

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